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[edit] This Article is Referring to Oblivion

Hand to Hand determines how much damage you do with your fists. Unlike other forms of melee attack, Hand to Hand damages both Health and Fatigue. Hand to Hand is governed by Strength and is a Combat skill.

[edit] Skill Perks

At Novice, you can do a Power Attack in all directions for 2.5 times damage.

At Apprentice, you master the Standing Power attack, and do 3 times damage when still.

At Journeyman, you master the Sideways Power Attack. When performing a sideways power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to disarm your opponent. Also, fists can now damage creatures immune to normal weapons.(ex. Wraiths, Ghosts.)

At Expert, you master the Backwards Power Attack. When performing a backwards power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to knock your opponent down. Also, blocking also has a chance of producing a knock-back attack.

At Master, you master the Forward Power Attack. When performing a forward power attack, you do 2.5 times damage and have a chance to paralyze. Also, blocking may disarm an opponent.

[edit] Training

You gain 0.6 experience every time you hit a living target, which is slightly more exp than in the skills Blade and Blunt.

  • Putting the difficulty level on slightly harder will give you more training as enemies will have to take more hits before they die.
  • Train your Conjuration skill as well and summon monsters in a location away from city guards(i.e your own house, out in the wild) and kill them, over and over. Watch out though, when you hit your summoned monster three times they'll turn on you so be prepared.

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