Hircine is the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, the Great Game, the Sport of Daedra and the Chase. He's referred to as the Huntsman and the Father of Manbeasts.

It's believed that Hircine created the various diseases that turn mortals into beasts; such as "Sanies Lupinus" and "Porphyric Hemophilia". As he's the guardian of were-creatures, his avatar is usually that of a physically fit man, in which a hunter usually is.

Hircine's not completely without sportsmanship; he likes to give his prey a chance at survival, however small, so that the hunt is more of a challenge. He favors a great spear for hunting and usually is depicted with a wolven companion. Once every era, he hosts a great hunt in which he pits his favorite prey against each other.

[edit] Artifacts

In Oblivion, after the completion of Hircine's Daedric Shrine quest, you receive the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide as a reward.

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