Honor Thy Mother

The Night Mother's Crypt
  • Quest Giver: The quest is added straight after the completion of Following a Lead.
  • Prerequisite Quest: Following a Lead
  • Next Quest: Whispers of Death
  • Reward: Various special items and weapons, an enchanted version of the Blade of Woe and Rank Advancement to Listener.
  • Fame/Infamy Change: Infamy +10
  • Quest ID: Dark18Mother


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Misfortune

This quest is triggered when you speak to Arquen at the same time the previous quest is marked completed. talk to her about the Night Mother between the hours of midnight and 3 AM to away for Bravil. The other Speakers form a circle around the Lucky Old Lady upon your arrival. Arquen invokes the name of the Night Mother and the benevolent Lady withers to her true form. A trap door to a hidden tomb has been revealed. Follow the other Speakers down.

[edit] Vengeance

The Night Mother stands waiting. After informing Arquen of Lucien Lachance's innocence and the survival of the true culprit, the traitor reveals himself. Mathieu quickly dispatches Banus and Belisarius before turning his attentions to the Night Mother. His slashes are ineffective against her. Cut him down. End the threat and receive your final promotion from the Night Mother herself. You are the new Listener of the Dark Brotherhood. The only way to leave this location is to tell the Night Mother when you are ready to go. She will transport you and Arquen immediately to the Cheydinhall Sanctuary. There is no possibility of return so be certain you are ready to leave. As you depart she enchants your old Blade of Woe.

[edit] Welcome Home

Congratulations on your new position as Listener. Arquen will be your second in command. The Sanctuary is your base of operations.

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