Imperial Dragon Armor

  • Reward: Imperial Dragon Armor


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Light the Dragonfires - Aftermath

Imperial Dragon Armor
  • Speak with Chancellor Ocato who will comment on Martins noble sacrifice and the future of Tamriel, a rather grim sounding Ocato however thanks you for all you've done and names as a Champion of Cyrodiil. A title only ever held by four other people, Ocato then tells you that he will have a suit of Imperial Dragon armor, usually reserved only for Emperors, forged for you as reward for your help in the Oblivion crisis. It will be ready in two weeks.

[edit] Time to Spend

  • Spend two weeks doing faction quests or exploring the land or really anything else you need to do. After two weeks a notice will appear in your journal along with a map marker pointing to the Imperial Armory. Its time to collect your armor.

[edit] Getting Your Armor

  • Head to the Imperial City Prison District where you will find the Armory on the right as you enter. Go into the Armory and pick up the armor on the desk opposite you as you enter. Once you've picked up the entire suit of armor, the quest is over. The armor itself looks similar to what Martin wears during the Battle for Bruma.

[edit] Notes

  • The armor will be heavy or light depending on which of your two skills (Heavy Armor or Light Armor) is better. If both are equal (for example both at 100) then you will get the Heavy version.
  • The heavy set, as expected, can take more of a beating then the lighter set and is also worth more.
  • Imperial Dragon Armor doesn't come with a shield, however an ebony shield matches it pretty well.

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