Legendary & Unique Armor

-Mask of Clavius Vile

Type of Armor-Heavy Armor/Helmet



Fortify Personality 30 points/Constant Effect

How To Get It-Found in Sorkvild's Tower (in Dagon Fel). You must kill Sorkvild. The Mask of Clavius Vile will be on his corpse

-Lord's Mail

Type of Armor-Heavy Armor/Curiass



Reflect Magic/Constant Effect

How To Get It-Found in the underground caverns beneath Ebonheart. An Imperial man who was kicked out out the legion stole it and hid in the caverns. He is wearing it so you will have to kill him to get it. The caverns can be accessed through the Imperial Commission in Ebonheart. Go downstairs .Two guards are outside of a door you need to pick the lock on the door or use a "Open" spell. The door has a high lock level so bring a powerful spell of "Opening", or have a fairly good security skill (above 50 will do nicely). Look at the walls. Go around the room looking at the walls until you find a hidden door. It will have a lock level of 90. Pick the lock than open it. On the other side will be a door leading to the caverns.

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