Leyawiin Recommendation

  • Quest Giver: Dagail in Leyawiin
  • Reward: Leyawiin Recommendation
  • Fame/Infamy: Fame +1
  • ID: MG07Leyawiin


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Leyawiin Mages Guild

Speak to Dagail in the Leyawiin Mages Guild. She needs you to retrieve an amulet for her and tells you to talk to Agata, after talking about her visions which don't really make much sense. Speak to Agata and she'll tell you about the Seer's Stone which helps control Dagail's visions. She'll tell you to speak to the other mages in the guild about it, but only Kalthar knows anything about it is. Kalthar is glad the stone is missing, and he dislikes Dagail alot because he believes that she is not worthy to be in charge of the guild. Speak again to Agata about what Kalthar has said, and then speak to Dagail. She'll direct you to Fort Blueblood, directly east of Leyawiin.

[edit] Fort Blueblood

Head to the fort which will be marked on you're map. The fort is full of Marauders, but they're not very strong and can easy be killed with a couple of Weak Fireball spells (a reward from the Skingrad Recommendation quest). It is also possible to get past alot of the Marauders if you have a good Sneak skill, and with a good Chameleon spell you should be able to get to the amulet completely undetected. Eventually you'll reach the Warlord, who is harder to kill than the other Marauders but isn't too challenging.

[edit] The Amulet

Move on a bit further and you'll find the amulet in a coffin. Take the amulet, and on the way out you'll encounter Kalthar. He admits to stealing the amulet in an attempt to get Dagail to lose her job. He'll then attack you, but he is not hard to kill. Take the key from his dead body and use the shortcut to exit. Go back to the guild and give Dagail's amulet back to her. She'll reward you with a recommendation from the guild.

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