Light the Dragonfires


[edit] Overview

With the Amulet of Kings back in the hands of Martin and the Blades. Now only crowning him as Emperor and resealing the barrier between Tamriel and Oblivion by lighting the Dragonfires is all that needs to done. Speak with Martin and Escort him to the Imperial Palace.

[edit] The Imperial City

As you speak with Chancellor Ocato within the palace, a startled messenger runs in. It seems that the Mythic Dawn have launched a last desperate plan to defeat the Empire. They have opened multiple Oblivion Gates within the city walls. Daedra are flooding the streets and attacking the citizens. Be prepared because as soon the messenger stops speaking, Daedra burst through the doors to the council chamber and attack. With the help of everyone they can be dispatched quickly. If Baurus, Jauffre, or Captain Steffan have survived till this point they will aid you here as well. Save before you exit the Palace as the next part of the Quest can be difficult.

[edit] To the Temple

Once you exit the Palace you will be swarmed by Daedra that will probaly kill some of your NPC companions. Stay with Martin constantly and help kill whatever he attacks. Use healing spells to heal Martin to keep his health high if you can. If you cant just focus on killing the daedra quickly. After clearing the Palace District, repair any equipment, heal yourself and Martin if you can and loot the dead. Save again and when you are ready, enter the door to the Temple District. Oblivion Gates will open in front of you and more Daedra will spew from them. Ignore the advancing Daedra and run to the right. You will behold the demonic sight of a massive, red demon with four-arms wearing a spiked gauntlet and carrying an axe. Mehrunes Dagon himself is here!

[edit] Dealing with Mehrunes Dagon

The plan has failed, lighting the Dragonfires now will achieve nothing, The barriers between Tamriel and Oblivion have already dissolved.

Martin joins you and tries rapidly to think of a plan. Mehrunes Dagon, he explains, is an immortal, and can only be killed by another immortal. However your suggestion about using the Amulet of Kings allows him to make a backup plan. He tells you that you must help him get inside the Temple. With Dagon blocking the way inside, you must run past him to reach the temple, avoiding his feet and his axe. Once you can get Martin inside hes safe.

[edit] The Last Great Sacrifice

When he enters, Martin appears almost relieved and explains that with the Amulet of Kings and being one of the dragonblood he can summon the power of Akatosh. He bids you farewell and thanks you for everything, as he rushes atop the altar as Dagon smashes through the roof. Staring down upon Martin who stands unafraid. Suddenly Martin shatters the amulet and beams of light burst forth from him he and transforms into a huge flaming dragon the Avatar of Akatosh. Dagon and the Dragon fight. Eventually, The Avatar buries his jaws into Dagon's neck wounding him and finishing him off with a breath of fire. Dagon falls, his physical form banished back to his dominion resulting in all Oblivion Gates closing. Before your eyes Martin now the Avatar of Akatosh turns turns to stone on the Temple Altar.

[edit] Notes

  • Martin is no longer Essential during this Quest, so protect him at all costs.
  • Mehrunes Dagon can be "killed" if you use Wabbajack on him then attack him.

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