Lucien Lachance

Lucien Lachance
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LocationFort Farragut
Related QuestsA Knife in the Dark, The Purification, Affairs of a Wizard, Following a Lead
FactionsDark Brotherhood, Creature, Undead

Lucien Lachance is a male Imperial Speaker for the Black Hand, the governing council of the Dark Brotherhood. When the player rests for the first time after committing his first murder Lucien will appear with an invitation to join the Dark Brotherhood. To prove his worth, the player must complete the quest Lucien gives, A Knife in the Dark. To this end Lucien presents the character with the Blade of Woe but it is not necessary to use this dagger. The first time the player rests after completing this quest Lucien will appear once again to reveal the location of the Sanctuary and the password to open the door. The player receives all contracts after the quest The Purification from Lucien at locations known as dead drops.

Lucien lives at Fort Farragut a short distance from Cheydinhal's northeast gate.

[edit] Related Quests

A Knife In The Dark, The Purification, Affairs of a Wizard, Following a Lead

Spoiler: End of Dark Brotherhood Quest Line

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