M'aiq the Liar


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M'aiq the Liar
Aiqcompass6fc.png M'aiq in Oblivion
LocationOutside of Leyawiin or Anvil

M'aiq the Liar is an eccentric Khajiit who can be found in both Morrowind and Oblivion. Although M'aiq in Oblivion looks nothing like the original when compared, they are obviously intended to represent the same individual.

m'aiq in morrowind

[edit] Finding M'aiq

Finding M'aiq the Liar is fairly easy in Morrowind. He hangs out on a remote island northwest of Dagon Fel, in the Sheogorad region, which is located far to the north of Vvardenfell.

In, Oblivion, however, you may not be able to locate M'aiq as easily. As he moves around. Not only that, but he does this very quickly as his speed attribute is at 100. A good idea would be to simply ignore his existence as you play, and to stumble across him by coincidence. If you do not like this method, then you could try searching at the south-west of Cyrodiil or outside of Bravil, Leyawiin or Anvil.

[edit] Purpose

There is no apparent purpose for M'aiq as an NPC, besides to entertain the player. He spouts random nonsense about the game. For example, in Oblivion, he may suggest that having a compass included in the HUD simplifies in-game orienteering.

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