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LocationDark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Cheydinhal
Related QuestsThe Purification

M'raaj-Dar is a male Khajiit operating in the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. He will sell you useful equipment such as lockpicks, arrows, poisons, and potions. He sells quite a few items and spells that are unique and are not available anywhere else, such as Poisoned Apples, the Mace of Excess, Hands of Midnight, Perdition's Wrath, Eye of Sithis, and the Bow of Infernal Frost.

He insults the player incessantly until the quest The Purification.

[edit] Unique Dialogue

"I have it on good authority that the newest addition to the Brotherhood is an annoying whelp unworthy of licking my boots. How's that for gossip?"

"You again? I thought I made it clear I'm not looking for a friend. If you're here to buy or sell something, get on with it already!"

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