Mages Guild

The sign used to signify Mages Guild guildhalls.

The Mages Guild is a professional organization that is dedicated to the study and application of magicka and alchemy.The Mages Guild was founded by Vanus Galerion in the early Second Era The Guild can be found all over Tamriel. Anyone can purchase potions, potion ingredients, magical items, and a selection of standard spells from the guild which is chartered to provide these services. Training, goods, and services are cheaper for members, exclusive services such as spellmaking and enchanting are only available to higher-ranked guild members at the Arcane University.

The Mages Guild is led by an Arch-Mage, and guided by the Council of Mages, made up of five archmagisters . The Arch Mage and Council reside at the Arcane University in the Imperial City. Guild halls exist in most cities in Tamriel, each of which is run by a local Guild master.


[edit] Joining the Guild

To join the guild go to any one of the Mages Guild halls and speak to the head mage there.

[edit] Guild Halls

Mages Guild Hall's are located in every city in Cyrodiil. In the Imperial City it is the Arcane University and the Kvatch Guild Hall has been destroyed. However the other 7 cities all have a Guild Hall within their walls. Each hall also specializes in one school of magicka, the only exception being the Bruma hall which has no specialty.

[edit] Quests

[edit] Recommendations

[edit] Raminus Polus

[edit] Hannibal Traven

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[edit] Anvil

[edit] Bravil

[edit] Bruma

[edit] Cheydinhal

[edit] Chorrol

[edit] Imperial City

[edit] Leyawiin

[edit] Skingrad

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