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Hello, and welcome to the Elder Scrolls NeoWiki! Our ultimate goal is to fill the Wiki to the brim with detailed and useful knowledge of the Elder Scrolls and its spinoffs. We don't expect to reach this goal for quite some time, due to the Wiki's age and just because there is so much to be written and documented about the Elder Scrolls. If you want to help, simply register; it's free, and you get the benefits of a full member.

There are a few guidelines you should follow if you decide to contribute;

1.) Please do not plagiarize content. This Wiki is supposed to be original, not a copy.

2.) Please use correct grammar and spelling. We want the Wiki to look as professional as possible. There is a spell check feature.

3.) Please refine from using personal pronouns such as My, Me, I, etc. The Wiki should be treated as a library of information not as a forum.

4.) Please use only reliable information. Don't edit something unless you know it's right.

5.) If you see some spam on the wiki please inform one of the staff members.

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[edit] GameInformer: Skyrim Hub- January 25th, 2011

GameInformer Magazine presents:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim GI Hub. Updated regularly with the lastest in information, directly from the source at Bethesda Game Studios.

Featured Article (Nomination & Rules)

Skyrim Map.jpg

Skyrim, also known as "The Throat", extends to the northern most reaches of Tamriel. It is is one of the coldest provinces in all of Tamriel. Aside from the Morrowind owned island Solstheim, it's considered to have the worst winters and largest amount of annual snowfall.

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As of October 9 2015, this NeoWiki currently has 930 articles and 563 images. Help us make this NeoWiki even better by checking out our Wanted pages!

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  • Add detail to our stub pages.
  • Create and update our quest pages.

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