Matthias Draconis

Matthias Draconis
Matthias Draconis.jpg
LocationTalos Plaza District, Imperial City
Related QuestsNext of Kin
LevelEqual to PC
FactionsIC Citizens; Umbacano, Matthias Draconis Faction

Matthias Draconis is a male Breton residing in the Imperial City Talos Plaza District. He is a guard for Umbacano. He spends most of his day patrolling Umbacano Manor - he is there from ~5 AM to 6 PM. He eats from 7 PM to 10 PM at The Bloated Float. When he gets home he reads for two hours before going to sleep.

In speech he's a bit rude. He arrays himself in chainmail boots, chainmail gauntlets, chainmail greaves , and a chainmail cuirass. He wields a fine iron shortsword and carries a torch. These things give credence to his mother's, Perennia's, statement that as a boy he was always "a rough and tumble lad."

[edit] Related Quests

Next of Kin

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