Type: Cave

Size: Small


  • Smugglers
  • One prisoner

Nammu is small cave located west of Tel Aruhn, Grazelands region. It is inhabitated by six smugglers, and one prisoner; Jon Hawker, who they hold captive.

List of occupants: (in alphabetical order)

  • Galan Baren
  • Galmis Dren
  • Jon Hawker (prisoner)
  • Moria Uulentanus
  • Mornsu Omalor
  • Seliulus Laenius
  • Sulesa


  • Only way to free Jon Hawker is to give him Scroll of Divine Intervention.
As a reward you get two powerful artifacts.
  • If you can speak to Seliulus Laenius, he can teach you medium in Speechcraft and Light Armor, and minor in Sneak.


  • Ring of the Wind
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