Next of Kin

Draconis family cemetery.


[edit] Walkthrough

After retrieving your next order, your most macabre quest to date has begun: you have been contracted to wipe out a family - a woman and her four offspring.

[edit] The Matron

To begin, Perennia Draconis' location is the only help that has been provided. Seek her first. She lives with her Jake at Applewatch farm to the west of Bruma. She may be killed immediately if desired, but speaking with her as Lucien recommended is more fruitful. Speak with her and tell her you are looking for her children. She mistakes you for a representative of a gift delivery service she contacted to make it easier for her to keep up with her scattered children. She then gives you a list of the locations of each target. Kill her now, as she has no further information to impart. You may kill her in her sleep, an effective method against anybody. Alternatively, you can sneak attack her while she is sitting in her chair when her dog isn't paying attention, or you can assault her as she works her garden from 6 AM to 2 PM; the dog will be inside as she works so you will never have to contend with him if you choose this approach.

[edit] Matthias

Matthias Draconis resides in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. The following methods may be the most convenient:

  • He is a guardsman in Umbacano Manor. Sneak into the basement while he is at work and kill him undetected to avoid getting a bounty.
  • Kill him in his sleep. Beware - if the first blow isn't fatal he will instantly equip his armor and sword and attack you. Collatinus Vedius lives with him and never sleeps. You will need to keep him from detecting you or kill him first.
  • He sups at the Bloated Float every evening. He leaves his residence at 9 PM. You can plant a poisoned apple for him to eat at the Bloated Float but it may be some time before he eats it. Removing all surrounding food will improve your odds. Alternatively you can snipe him with an arrow as he travels to/from the inn.
  • Cast Frenzy on him and allow him to instigate a fight. You will receive no bounty for felling him.
  • The Talos Plaza District isn't far from the main gate of the city. Lead him out and allow Shadowmere to distract him.

[edit] Andreas

Andreas Draconis is the proprietor and barkeep of the Drunken Dragon Inn. He is northeast of Leyawiin. If you insult him in conversation or allude that you murdered his mother he will attack you. The drunkard Imperial Guardsman sitting by the door may assist you. No bounty is accrued for using this method. You could also use a Frenzy spell for the same effect.

[edit] Sibylla

Sibylla Draconis lives southwest of Cheydinhal in Muck Valley Cavern. Beware the ferocious animals that guard her cave. It is unlikely she will speak with the player, attacking on sight instead. If she will dialogue with the player her only option is the standard "Rumors" selection. She doesn't eat or sleep. The only way to kill her is by strength of arm, stealth, or magic. If she is led outside Shadowmere will come to your aid.

[edit] Caelia

The last mark is Caelia Draconis. There are many more options for creatively killing this mark than any other, so only the most expeditious methods are mentioned here.

  • Provoke her through dialogue and run to the Mages Guild or the Fighters Guild if you are a member of either. Your associates will kill her for you.
  • Kill her undetected while she is sitting at a table on the second floor of the Three Sisters Inn. You will not get a bounty if she doesn't detect you.
  • Lead her into the Oblivion gate outside the city if it is still open. The Daedra can slay her for you. This tactic is more effective if you render yourself invisible after you both enter the gate.
  • Hit her with a Frenzy spell so she is the aggressor. The city guard will attack their own captain.

[edit] Payment

After all five lay dead, collect your reward and new orders. They may be found in the well in the Castle Skingrad courtyard.

[edit] Notes

The restless ghost of Perennia Draconis
  • After receiving your reward and triggering the following quest you may return to Applewatch and see a grave for each member of the Draconis clan.
  • Caelia's steel longsword is leaning against her tombstone.
  • Upon activating Perennia's tombstone her ghost will attack you.

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