The nine provinces of Tamriel as well as the other known but unexplored continents of Nirn.

Nirn is the planet in which The Elder Scrolls games are set. The planet consists of four known continents and is located within the Daedric realm of Mundus.

  • Tamriel is at the center of these four continents and is the most heavily populated.

Little is known about the other three continents except what is written in various texts.

  • Atmora lies to the north of Tamriel and is believed to be the former home of the ancestors of the Nords.
  • Yokuda was a continent west of Tamriel until it was swallowed up by the sea. It's believed to be the past home of the Redguards.
  • Akavir is located to the east of Tamriel but little is known about it or its inhabitants other than its actual location.

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