[edit] Background

Concept art of a Nord in Oblivion

Tall and mighty denizens of the icy Skyrim, the Nords are a race of human warriors. They are strong and hardy, making them skilled with a blade or blunt weapon of any type, namely they lean towards the bigger type of weapons such as broadswords and hammers. Nords laugh in the face of mages using frost type spells; they have an immunity to frost, thanks to their northern heritage.

Nords, as you may have guessed, are human tanks. They may not be the most agile of warriors, but they are definitely one of the strongest. Nords gain hefty boosts to their heavy armor and blade skills, making them powerful from the start. There is also a small boost to restoration, just in case.

[edit] Personality

Personality wise, Nords tend to be aggressive and fearless within war yet industrious and enterprising in trade and exploration. This explains their taste to invade nearby provinces, either claiming it for their own or to strike a deal with a stronger presence to give them land of their own. This happened with such a land known as Solstheim, the frozen island that sits north-west of Vvardenfell within the province of Morrowind. Solstheim is home to the Nordic Skaal clan and also houses a mead hall named Thirsk.

Nords also tend to show stubbornness and are well known for their acceptance of violence within their culture. Enemies of the Nord are either shocked or appalled at these battle weary warriors and this is mainly caused by their tendancy to cheerfully face battle with an ecstatic ferocity that enthuses them. If they were to resemble a group of people from real life history then they certainly would portray the Vikings from our past. Their attire even speaks Viking with using pelts of their animal kills to create armour as well as clothing.

[edit] Gameplay

Nords are best suited as combat orientated characters. Everything within their statistics just screams warrior or even hunter, however it isn't unheard of for a Nord to be a made or a thief. Their bonus within Restoration allows them to become Battlemages, meaning these type of Nord are the most dangerous as they can't just fight but also heal themselves and others upon the battlefield, which done to the right people at the right time could initially bring victory to them.

As enemies, the most common to use the Nord race are the Marauders. These guys are the heavy duty type of bandits that are clad in heavy armour and wielding longblades, two of the best skills within the Nord race remember. Nords also walk among the Vampire, Bard, Barbarian and Knight population of Cyrodiil.

[edit] History

To be filled in once all information has been collected. Please check back in a few days, thank you.

[edit] Statistics

Stats of The Elder Scrolls races are best shown within a table comparison from both the games of Morrowind and Oblivion. It will give an understanding of the changes made between the games but also an easier outlook.

Stats.jpg Morrowind Oblivion
Skill Bonuses
  • Axe + 10
  • Blunt Weapon +10
  • Medium Armour +10
  • Long Blade +5
  • Spear +5
  • Heavy Armour +5
  • Armourer +5
  • Blade +10
  • Block +5
  • Blunt +10
  • Heavy Armour + 10
  • Restoration +5
  • Thunder Fist
  • Woad
  • Resist Shock
  • Immune to Frost
  • Nordic Frost
  • Woad
  • Resist Frost
Stats.jpg Morrowind Oblivion
Male Female Male Female
Morrowind Strength Icon Strength Oblivion Strength Icon 50 50 50 50
Morrowind Intelligence Icon Intelligence Oblivion Intelligence Icon 30 30 30 30
Morrowind Willpower Icon Willpower Oblivion Willpower Icon 40 50 30 40
Morrowind Agility Icon Agility Oblivion Agility Icon 30 30 40 40
Morrowind Speed Icon Speed Oblivion Speed Icon 40 40 40 40
Morrowind Endurance Icon Endurance Oblivion Endurance Icon 50 40 50 40
Morrowind Luck Icon Luck Oblivion Luck Icon 40 40 50 50
Morrowind Personality Icon Personality Oblivion Personality Icon 30 30 30 30

[edit] Statistics Explanation

As you can already see there are plenty of difference between both games. Firstly I should explain that Morrowind uses twenty seven skills overall within the game, which was later cut down to twenty one due to the developers grouping together certain skills. For example: In Morrowind there are two blade skills, Long Blade and Short Blade. These were simply grouped together to form the skill, Blade within Oblivion. Among that, Morrowind allows you to choose ten skills total that will affect your levelling throughout the game. Five major skills and five minor. Oblivion only allows the choice of seven.

Another difference being the skills chosen for the bonuses. Lastly the special abilities, although similar, you can see that "Thunder Fist" has been removed from Oblivion and in its place the Nords have been given a greater power to cast frost at their enemies and freeze them like they should.

[edit] Traits Breakdown

Upon a race you will ever only come across three types of magicka, a spell, a power and an ability. The rest you will collide with once you progress through the games. Below are brief explanations of the three.

Ability = Good or Bad, they are constant throughout the game like a switch that won't turn off. They can be counteracted once you are a higher level within the game but abilities can carry weaknesses which can hinder a low level player.

Power (Known as Greater Power in Oblivion) = Just like a superhero, you have a power. A power is stronger than a normal spell but they can only be cast once every 24 game hours, use them wisely.

Spell = The traditional and usual form of magicka, spells have a time limit and come in different variations of power.

[edit] On Morrowind

  • Thunder Fist: Power - Frost Damage 25 points on Touch (CS ID: thunder fist)
  • Woad: Power - Shield 30 points for 60 seconds on Self (CS ID: woad)
  • Immune to Frost: Ability - Resist Frost 100% (CS ID: immune to frost)
  • Resist Shock: Ability - Resist Shock 50% (CS ID: resist shock_50)

[edit] On Oblivion

  • Nordic Frost: Greater Power - Frost Damage 50 points on Touch (Form ID:00047AE4, CS ID: PwRaceNordFrostDamage)
  • Woad: Greater Power - Shield 30 points for 60 seconds on Self (Form ID: 00047AE3, CS ID: PwRaceNordShield)
  • Resist Frost: Ability - Resist Frost 50% (Form ID: 00047AE2, CS ID: AbRaceNordResistFrost)

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