Primo Antonius


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Primo Antonius
Primo Antonius.jpg
LocationSummitmist Manor, Skingrad
Related QuestsWhodunit?

Primo Antonius is a male Imperial. He is a guest at Summitmist Manor in Skingrad. It's the players job to kill him in the Dark Brotherhood quest Whodunit?. Primo is attracted to Dovesi Dran - another guest in the manor - and is from a wealthy family.

[edit] Unique Dialogue

"So, you finally arrived. It's about time. People of my station are not accustomed to waiting."

"Primo Antonius is a regal name, from a rather regal family. Indeed, my father owns more property than the East Empire Company!"

"Dovesi Dran is quite beautiful isn't she? A little young, perhaps, and not exactly high-born, but she possesses a unique elegance. Can I be honest with you my friend? I find Dovesi... captivating. She possesses a beauty beyond compare. Maybe you could do me a favour? If you sprak with her, put in a good word for me, would you? I would forever be in your debt."

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