Quests with Leveled Rewards

This article will list all of the quests that are best done at a later level. It does not have to be followed, it is simply a guideline for getting the best leveled item rewards from quests.

[edit] Quest Lines

  • Daedric Quests can be completed as soon as you are able to do the quests. Their rewards are not leveled.
  • Fighters Guild quests technically have Leveled items; however, the items are out of order. Since it is very difficult (if not impossible) to get the best versions of all the items, it's generally better to simply ignore them.
  • Thieves Guild can be completed anytime, as the only leveled rewards from them are either not leveled, or are from the Random Loot lists.
  • Mages Guild Recommendation Quests should be done as soon as possible to gain access to the Enchanting and Spellmaking Altars. Unless you have Frostcrag Spire, in which case your first task is getting 8000 Gold for the boxes of Magetallow Candles.
  • The Mages Guild quest 'A Mage's Staff' should not be done until at least Level 15. The Mage's Staff you can get from this mission is nearly as powerful as the Apotheosis sold at Rindir's Staffs when obtained at Level 15.
  • The Mages Guild quests after 'A Mage's Staff' should not be completed until Level 30. The quest immediately after 'A Mage's Staff' rewards you with the Spelldrinker Amulet. At Level 30, this item has a full 26 points of Spell Absorption.
  • Dark Brotherhood quests should not be done until Level 30. The Bonuses you get for completing the missions properly all top out at Level 30+.

[edit] Additional Quests

There is a list of extra quests that also should not be done until later because they get Leveled rewards.

  • An Unexpected Voyage - This quest gives the Blackwater Blade, which carries an Absorb Fatigue enchantment.
  • The Killing Field - This quest gives Chillrend. It looks like a blue version of a standard Glass Shortsword, and carries Frost Damage and Weakness to Frost enchantments.
  • Unfriendly Competition - Gives Debaser, Calliben's Grim Retort, and Weatherward Circlet. Calliben's Grim Retort isn't leveled, but the Debaser and Weatherward Circlet top out at Level 25. The Debaser is the most interesting of the three, as it looks like a Shortsword, but has the reach and swing speed of a Longsword. Debaser drains Willpower and Endurance, while Calliben's Grim Retort absorbs Strength and Blunt while inflicting Frost Damage. The Weatherward Circlet has Resist Fire and Resist Frost enchantments; full version gives an Altmer 10% Resist Frost and 10% Resist Fire. Getting it as early as Level 15 will get rid fo the Altmer's Fire and Frost weaknesses.
  • Blood of the Divines - Gives four items. The four are: Mishaxhi's Cleaver (Disintegrate Armor), Amulet of the Ansei (Fortify Block), Valdemar's Shield (Reflect Damage), and Northwind (Frost Damage). Every item exept Valdemar's Shield maxes out at Level 20; Valdemar's Shield is subject to a bug which causes it's enchantment to max out between Levels 15 and 19. However, except for the Enchantment, the stats of the 20+ version are better than the 15-19 version (as should be expected).
  • The Wayward Knight - At the end of this quest, if Farwil Indarys survived, you'll be given a choice between the Thornblade and the Staff of Indarys. Thornblade has a Disintegrate Armor enchantment, while the Staff of Indarys has Damage Strength and Shock Damage enchantments. Both top out at Level 25. This quest will also give the Knights of the Thorn Medallion, with a Fortify Speechcraft enchantment. Unlike the Thornblade and the Staff of Indarys, this tops out at Level 20.
  • The Siren's Deception - The leader of the Sirens gang carries the Witsplinter, which has Damage Magicka and Drain Intelligence enchantments. It tops out at Level 25.
  • A Brush With Death - This one is a toss-up. The quest rewards you with the Apron of Adroitness, which is a Light Armor Cuirass with Fortify Agility and Fortify Intelligence enchantments. However, this quest is also the only source of Painted Troll Fat, which is a key ingredient in a very powerful potion. The apron tops out at Level 25, but most Alchemists will top out their Alchemy skill much sooner. If you rely on potions, it may actually be beneficial to do this quest as soon as your Alchemy skill is at 75 so that you can get the Painted Troll Fat.
  • Secrets of the Ayleids - Gives both the Ayleid Crown of Lindai and the Ayleid Crown of Nenalata, both of which top out at Level 25. Give Umbacano the Crown of Nenalata to get working versions of both. Lindai version Fortifies Alteration and Illusion while giving 35% Resist Magic, while the Nenalata version Fortifies Alteration and Conjuration while giving 25% Reflect Spell. Also gives the Staff of Nenalata, with Drain Willpower and Dispel enchantments.
  • Bloodworm Helm - You can't actually keep this unless you use the Risen Flesh Greater Power from the Shivering Isles and the Skull of Corruption from Vaermina's Daedric Quest to dupe it. Either that, or don't continue the Mage's Guild Quest Line. Tops out at Level 25, and Fortifies your Conjuration skill.
  • Sins of the Father - Gives the Escutcheon of Chorrol, which tops out at Level 25. Fortify Endurance gives more Health, and Reflect Damage is always nice. Note that you will be unable to use Fathis Ules as a fence after completing this quest.
  • Necromancer's Amulet - Gives an Artifact of the same name. Tops out at Level 25. Keeping it means either giving up the Mage's Guild questline, or Duping it using the Risen Flesh Greater Power and the Skull of Corruption. Drains Strength and Endurance to Fortify Willpower, Intelligence, Conjuration, and Magicka. A Mage's best friend.
  • Whom Gods Annoy - Give the Ring of Eidolon's Edge, which tops out at Level 25. Fortifies Blade and Block.
  • Ulterior Motives - The reason not to do any of Raminus Polus' quests. This puppy tops out at Level 30, and has a full 26 points of Spell Absorption.
  • Burz gro-Khash - Not a quest, but a person. Burz gro-Khash is the leader of the Cheydinhal brance of the Fighter's Guild. He wears a full set of Enchanted Fur armor; the items he wears are normally not available in Random Loot until Level 3. The interesting thing is his Glass Mace. It has the distinction of being the only leveled item in the game that is not enchanted. Since Burz is essential, you will have to pickpocket it off of him while he is asleep in order to get it (you will only get kicked out of the Fighters Guild if you get caught pickpocketing him). The mace maxes out at Level 15; however, Glass weaponry becomes available at Level 12. This may therefore be of limited usefulness.
  • Allies for Bruma - This quest will require you to shut down the Oblivion Gates outside each major city. The Gate outside Chorrol leads to a version of Oblivion that has the Hatred's Soul and Hatred's Heart weapons. The Hatred's Soul is a Bow, and the Hatred's Heart is a Mace. Both carry Fire Damage and Drain Speed enchantments, and both top out at Level 19.
  • When the Vow Breaks - This quest requires you to retrieve a mace for a woman outside of Anvil and return it to her. It tops out at Level 25, and has both Shock Damage and Weakness to Shock enchantments. To get it once you've completed the quest, you'll have to kill Maeva the Buxom.
  • The Battle for Castle Kvatch - Completing this quest gets you an Enchanted Kvatch Cuirass, which Fortifies Strength and Endurance. This tops out at Level 25.
  • Paradise - Near the end of this quest, you are required to kill Mankar Camoran. He carries Mankar Camoran's Staff and Mankar Camoran's Robes, both of which top out at Level 18.
  • Join the Mage's Guild - This quest requires you to complete all 7 Recommendation Quests, then talk to Raminus Polus. He will give you the Robe of the Apprentice, which has a Fortify Willpower enchantment that tops out at Level 10.
  • Vahtacen's Secret - Completing this quest earns you the Robe of the Conjurer. It Fortifies Intelligence, Willpower, Destruction, and Conjuration, and tops out at Level 25.
  • A Brotherhood Betrayed - This quest gives you the Phylactery of Lithness, which Fortifies your Speed. It tops out at Level 25.
  • Lifting the Vale - This quest rewards you with the Ring of the Vipereye. This ring gives Fortify Agility and Resist Magic, and tops out at Level 25; however, even after the quest is complete, it's marked as a quest item and cannot be dropped.

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