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[edit] On Oblivion

Restoration is the magic skill of healing. The spellcaster can cast healing spells in and during battle, can cure diseases and can cast spells that restore or fortify skills and attributes.

The Nord race gains an initial 5+ boost in Restoration.

The Breton race gains an initial 10+ boost.

[edit] Skill Perks

  • A novice can cast novice spells.
  • An apprentice can cast apprentice spells.
  • A journeyman can cast journeyman spells.
  • An expert can cast expert spells.
  • A master can cast all spells.

[edit] Training

You gain 0.6 experience every time you cast a Restoration spell. Restoration is the slowest magic skill to train.

  • Once you've completed the Recommendation quests for the Mages Guild, create a custom healing spell with the lowest magnitude. It will only take one or two magika points to cast so by the time you've cast the spell you should of regenerated the magicka anyway.
  • Cast Restoration spells everywhere you go.
  • Equip a weapon and hold block, and you'll cast spells quicker.

[edit] NPC Trainers

Basic Training (0-40)

  • Cirroc (located in Bruma's Great Chapel of Talos)
  • Marie Palielle (located in Skingrad's Great Chapel of Julianos)

Advanced Training (0-70)

  • Ohtesse (located in Cheydinal's Great Chapel of Arkay)
  • Marz (located in Bravil's Great Chapel of Mara)

Master Training (0-100)

  • Oleta (located in the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch)

[edit] On Morrowind

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