Scheduled for Execution

Imperial City Prison Sewer Door


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] No Rest for the Wicked

This is a filler quest designed to remind you to accept the next contract from Vicente. This will be completed after you do so.

[edit] Scheduled for Execution

Valen Dreth
Your next victim is Valen Dreth the Dark Elf that taunted you in the Imperial City Prison prior to your escape with the Emperor. He is still locked up in that cell. You are to go back to where you started from and kill him. If you can get there and eliminate him without killing any guards you will receive a bonus.

[edit] The Break In

Make your way back to the Imperial Prison Sewers and use the key Vicente gave you to open the door. Upon entering take the first door on your right and follow it until you reach another door. Enter. This guide will not list any enemies encountered in the sewers as they will all be very weak creatures such as mudcrabs and rats. They should present no problem. Simply follow your map and you should have no trouble getting to your destination.

Wait for these two guards to finish their lengthy conversation and go their separate ways. If you take your time and stay in the shadows you shouldn't have too much trouble avoiding them and getting to the Subterrane. Once you enter the Subterrane, there is a single guard here patrolling the area with a torch, stay in the shadows off the path as much as possible. A good tactic is to slowly walk around a pillar as he is passing by it in the opposite direction so he doesn't notice you. Continue following your map and the way should be fairly straightforward and free of danger.

[edit] The Death of Dreth

Once you are back in your old cell, wait for the guard to finish his conversation with Dreth and leave. You now have several options for killing Dreth:

  • You can shoot him with a bow through his cell door.
  • You can kill him with a spell through his cell door.
  • You can open his cell door (through lockpicking or with a key on the nearby table) and kill him with a melee attack.

If you choose to enter his cell and kill him, be quick about it. If you aren't he'll run into the sewers, forcing you to chase him down and possibly alert the guards. He's weak, one or two hits should be sufficient to kill him. When you're ready to go collect your reward you can leave the way you came or leave by the door leading into the lobby of the prison using the other key on the table. This is a public area and you won't be accosted for being here. Leave the prison and go back to the Sanctuary at your leisure. Speak to Vicente for your reward.

[edit] Reward

As a reward for killing Dreth and doing the job unnoticed, you will receive leveled gold (up to 600) and the Scales of Pitiless Justice, which confer upon the owner an extra two points of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence but damage the owner's Personality by two as well. One should note that the Scales directly modify your attributes as if you used the console to do so yourself, they don't act as a Fortify Attribute item. Should you remove the Scales from your inventory, it's effects will be gone until you pick them up again.

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