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[edit] On Oblivion

[edit] Mastery

Ranks for this skill influence how many tumblers drop when you break a pick.

  • Novice - All tumblers will fall when a pick breaks.
  • Apprentice - All but one tumbler will fall when a pick breaks.
  • Journeyman - All but two tumblers will fall when a pick breaks.
  • Expert - Only one tumbler will fall when a pick breaks
  • Master - No tumblers will fall when a pick breaks.

It also should be noted that as your Security skill increases, tumblers move more slowly, allowing for easier lock-picking.

[edit] Training

You gain 1.5 exp for every tumble that you lock into place.

  • Pick locks everywhere you go and whenever you can. Make sure to be undetected when you do it, you'll get a bounty if you get caught.
  • Some players suggest not to use this skill as you can acquire the Skeleton Key which makes the Security skill obselete.
  • You can obtain a Skeleton Key from the Nocturnal Daedric Shrine which works as a lockpick that cannot be broken, it also gives a bonus of 40 security. This is very useful for opening locks on doors.
  • When you have the Skeleton Key create a custom Drain Security spell with a duration of 3 seconds and a magnitude of 100. Find a very hard lock and quickly press auto attempt over and over, you'll have 0 security skill so you won't be able to open it but will get exp.

[edit] On Morrowind

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