The two sides of Sheogorath.

Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness and dwells in the realm of madness. His kingdom comes to life in the game, The Elder Scrolls IV: The Shivering Isles.

[edit] The Birth of a Madgod

Although the truth isn't clear, it's said that Sheogorath was created after the death of an Aedra. In Aldmer lore, It's believed that the god Lorkhan losing his "divine spark" is directly responsible for Sheogorath's creation.

In The Shivering Isles, Sheogorath reveals that he's actually Jyggalag, The Daedric Prince of Order. Apparently, as Sheogorath grew in power, the other Daedric Princes became fearful and jealous of him. So, they cast a curse upon him. The curse transforms the prince of order into that which he fears most, chaos. However, at the end of each era, Sheogorath is allowed to return to his true form, and thus is allowed to re-conquer his territories. But, after he is returned to his madness form, he must once again spread chaos and disorder throughout his realms.

[edit] Artifacts of Sheogorath

There are a total of five artifacts spread throughout Tamriel that are obtainable by mortals and can be traced back to Sheogorath.

  • Wabbajack - Perhaps one of the most well known artifacts in existance; has the ability to change any being into a random creature.
  • Gambolpuddy - Is a glove that enhances half of the wearer's attributes and abilities while draining the other half.
  • Staff of Everscamp - Is a staff that summons four scamps that can't be banished or permanently killed.
  • Staff of Sheogorath - A staff that is welded by Sheogorath himself; has the power to freeze everyone in the immediate area (apart form the caster) and also has the power to control the weather within Sheogorath's realm. The staff itself is the equivalent of a king's crown or emperor's amulet/robes.

[edit] Notes

  • After the player defeats Jyggalag, the curse is broken and Sheogorath is allowed to remain in his true form.
  • Following the "final battle", the player is rewarded with the Realm of Madness and is named the new Sheogorath.

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