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LocationThe West Weald Inn, Skingrad
Related QuestsSeeking Your Roots, Alchemy Training

Sinderion is a male High Elf who is also a master alchemist. He spends all of his time mixing potions and studying in The West Weald Inn in the city of Skingrad. Sinderion has a particular interest in the Nirnroot plant. In fact, if you bring him ten of the plants, he'll mix you up a special potion that only he can make. This is all part of the seeking Your Roots quest. Sinderion, as you might of guessed, also teaches alchemy on a master level. Before you can even use him as a tutor, you will have to bring him two bottles of Tamika Vintage 399 and one of Surilie Brothers Vintage 399 wine, however. Both of these drinks will be found randomly in wine containers.

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