Skingrad Recommendation


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Skingrad Mages Guild

Speak to Adrienne Berene in the Mages Guild in Skingrad to start this Recommendation quest. She'll ask you to find Erthor. Speak with one of the other Guild members and they'll tell you that Erthor often visits Bleak Flats Cave. Druja will mark the Cave on your map and will tell you to remind Adrienne Berene about this.

[edit] Bleak Flats Cave

Once you have reminded Adreinne about Bleak Flats Cave she'll ask you to go there to find Erthor, and she gives you a Weak Fireball spell to deal with anything else you might encounter there. The Cave is only a short walk away, and is also quite small. When you enter you'll have to kill all of the Deranged Zombies in the cave. These zombies are not very strong, it'll only take two hits with the weak fireball spell to kill them. They're also unique zombies as they drop Bonemeal instead of Mort Flesh.

[edit] Erthor

Once you've cleared the caves, find Erthor and tell him to follow you back to Skingrad. While you're here you might want to read the book that's on his desk, it gives a permanent skill boost in Light Armor. Make sure you don't take it though as that will be considered stealing from the Mages Guild. Leave the cave and go back to Skingrad with Erthor. Speak to Adreinne and she'll give you the recommendation.

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