[edit] Overview

Once you've handed over the Mysterium Xarxes, Martin instructs you to speak to Jauffre about some apparent Spies. Jauffre will tell you that the gate guards have seen strangers watching the temple for the past few days. Speak to Captain Steffan for more details. Talk to Steffan and he will mention the spies have been seen near the Runestone at the bottom of the hill in the early evening.

[edit] Finding the Spies

There are two Mythic Dawn Spies to find and kill to complete this quest Jearl and Saveri Faram. Faram can often be found at the Runestone, just southeast of the Temple towards Bruma. At sunset it is possible that one or both of the Spies will appear at the stone and attack you on sight. If you need some backup lead the spies to either the town or the Temple and have the guards help you kill them. You can also go directly into Jearl's house in Bruma during the day. This makes it much easier to get help if you need it.

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