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ClassDark Brotherhood Archer
LocationDark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Cheydinhal
Related QuestsThe Purification

Telaendril is a female Bosmer and a member of the Dark Brotherhood stationed in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary.

Before she was a member of the Dark Brotherhood, she was one of their marks, marked for assassination by her own father. She will not give any details as to why to the player. Lucien Lachance was the contracted killer; Telaendril evaded Lucien and slew her father for his betrayal. Lucien, impressed, offered her membership in the Dark Brotherhood. She accepted.

She can be found in Leyawiin on Loredas and Sundas, within the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn every Tirdas, and without the Cheydinhal Mages Guild chapter beside the well. Telaendril's Ocheeva Note indicates that the schedule was orchestrated by Ocheeva to keep the Sanctuary well informed and safe. She does not begin her travels until you join the Dark Brotherhood and enter the Sanctuary.

She won't say anything to you outside other than to let you know it isn't safe to converse outside of the Sanctuary.

[edit] Unique Dialgoue

  • "Actually, Lucien did not try to recruit me. Not at first. He tried to kill me. My father wanted me dead, and he hired the Dark Brotherhood to do it. I escaped from Lucien, and paid my father back for his treachery. Lucien came to me again that night with an offer I just couldn't refuse."
  • "Our lady is surely an ancient and powerful elf. Someday, when I am Listener of the Black Hand, I will upon her beautiful and unholy form!"
  • "Oh I shouldn't... well alright. Gogron had a pet rabbit as a child. He petted the thing so hard he crushed its skull! Ha ha ha! What a brute"
  • "In truth, I miss the towering elms of my native Valenwood. But I was banished from there, for deeds I don't care to discuss. This is my home now."

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