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In the Imperial City, The Arena is a place where strong warriors fight to the death for fame and glory, whilst the spectators cheer on and make bets on fights. You can enter to fight your way up the ranks to become Grand Champion. You can also place bets on fights to earn some septims. If you wish to join the Arena as a Combatant then head down to the bloodworks and speak to Owyn. Although never referred to directly in game as a 'faction' or 'guild' the Arena is listed on your stats page as a faction.


[edit] General Tips

  • Health Potions are always good to keep you on top of your opponent.
  • Poisons are generally useful, except against the few Argonian opponents.
  • Use the basin to restore yourself after each fight.
  • Your opponents will restore their health on occasion.
  • Use the four pillars in the centre of the arena to dodge arrows.
  • Generally there are three matches per rank, two rank matches and the advancement match which upon winning promotes you to the next rank.

[edit] Matches

Each Rank in the Arena requires you to win three matches to advance to the next rank, your opponents and their equipment are levelled so at higher levels expect them to do more damage. For the later matches Owyn will give you advice on each opponent before you fight them.

[edit] Pit Dog

The First three matches will pit you against two opponents wielding swords, a Female Bosmer and Male Imperial respectively and the final match that if won will advance you to Brawler is against a Male Argonian using a bow. These fights are easy enough, just keep an eye on your health whilst whittling down your opponents.

[edit] Brawler

The Brawler matches are a step up from what you last faced, your first match is against a Male Nord with an iron war axe, which is again a straightforward fight so shouldnt be too much trouble. Your next match however is against two Female Bosmer one with a Dwarven claymore and the other with a Elven bow, keep an eye on your health with this fight as that claymore can do serious damage. Its wise to dispatch the one with the bow first as her light raiment means she will go down fast. Your Advancement match is against a Male Khajiit with a Silver battleaxe, try to avoid or block his attacks to minimize the damage from his weapon and take him down quickly.

[edit] Bloodletter

Your first match as a Bloodletter is against a Male Redguard armed with a Silver mace and Orcish shield, use spells or power attacks to down him quickly. Your next fight is with a Female Breton with a silver shortsword, block her fast attacks to avoid most damage and strike back when you can. The Advancement match is against a Male Dunmer armed with an Elven Bow and a Silver Longsword in case you get to close, either stay at range or take him down close up to end this match without much difficulty.

[edit] Myrmidon

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