The Assassinated Man

François Motierre's house in Chorrol


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] To Serve Sithis

This is a unique contract for the Dark Brotherhood. Instead of taking a life, you are to save one. You are to stage the assassination of Francois Motierre so the assassins sent by his creditors will leave him be. Of course, Sithis would never go for such a thing, so Motierre allowed the Brotherhood to kill his mother to appease him.

Vicente will give you the Languorwine Blade, a dagger coated in a venom that simulates death. One cut from the blade will be sufficient to render the victim unconscious. After using the blade on Motierre this effect will be gone and the Languorwine Blade will act as an ordinary dagger. You can discard it or retain it as a keepsake if you wish.

[edit] The Assassinated Man

Fast travel, walk, or ride to Chorrol and find Motierre's manor. The front door has a Hard lock on it. Once you break in and speak to Motierre he will inform you of an assassin sent to collect his dues in blood, an Argonian called Hides-His-Heart. You must not kill Hides-His-Heart because he will need to report Motierre's death to his superiors. Slash Motierre once with the Languorwine Blade and run for the door (you do not have to wait for his conversation with Hides-His-Heart to complete). Now run to the North Gate and exit the city, Hides-His-Heart will no longer be in pursuit. Wait a day as instructed by the journal update.

[edit] Waking the Dead

Motierre in the Gray Mare
Go to the chapel undercroft sometime between the hours of 9:00AM and 9:00PM to find Motierre laying on a stone slab in the lower section. Revive him with the antidote and speak to him. He will now need you to escort him to The Grey Mare, from whence he will proceed to flee Cyrodiil on his own. After speaking to him some of his ancestors buried there will take offense and rise in the form of zombies. You can run past them and head directly for The Grey Mare if you wish or you can kill them as you go.

After speaking with Motierre go back to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and speak with Vicente for your reward: a promotion, a key to the Sanctuary's well, and Cruelty's Heart, a magic amulet that gives the wearer Fortify Willpower and Fortify Strength.

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