The Coldest Sleep

Havilstein Hoar-Blood's camp on Gnoll Mountain.

[edit] Walkthrough

The savage Havilstien Hoar-Blood is your new victim. His sister has contracted you to exact revenge for the murder of her brother. Havilstein makes camp upon Gnoll Mountain. He lives with a pet wolf named Redmaw. Havilstein doesn't eat, so forget using a poisoned apple.

[edit] Plan of Approach

Your first challenge is to get to him. The mountains of Cyrodiil can be difficult to scale in some places, and impossible in others. The best route through the mountains is an existing trail. Head to Dragoclaw Rock. It's north of Bruma and the Great Gate. Follow the the path. When you come to the T intersection, take that right and hike it to the end. Stay alert! This path takes you through the middle of a bandit camp. When you reach Havilstien's abode you have a few options.

  • You may sneak attack him but it is unlikely to kill him. You may wish to pickpocket his arms and armor first.
  • Plant a cursed item on him while he is sleeping.
  • Perform a ranged sneak attack on him while he sleeps. This probably won't kill him. Continue to pelt him with arrows and keep your distance.
  • Redmaw is easier to kill. Slay him before turning your attention to Havilstien to keep most of the fight one-on-one.
  • After dealing a sneak attack get Shadowmere into the mix as a punching bag while you hammer away at Havilstien and Redmaw.

[edit] Payment

Make your way to the Ayleid ruin of Nornal. This is the most complicated dead drop to reach thus far. One may wonder if this was Lucien's idea of a joke. Go downstairs and to the right upon entering the ruins. The underwater gate to the chest is locked with an average lock. The key may be found in Nornal Ageasel and in a chest on the second floor of the Leyawiin Mages Guild chapter. You may attempt to jump out of the water and over the gate. If you have an item of potion that enables water walking, this would be a good time to make use of it. Collect your gold and the next contract once you reach the chest. Now get out of there.

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