The Elder Scrolls IV: The Shivering Isles

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles
SI cover.jpg Cover to the Xbox 360 version of Shivering Isles.
DeveloperBethesda Softworks
Publisher2K Games
Platforms360, PC, PS3
Perspective(s)First Person, Third Person
Theme(s)Fantasy RPG
Release DateMar 26, 07 (US), Nov 23, 07(EU), Nov 23, 07(AU)

[edit] Plot Summary


A mysterious door has opened in Nibbean Bay. Inside it holds a portal to a whole new world, a realm not only governed by Sheogorath but also madness. The realm is torn where Mania and Dementia reign. Do you have what it takes to survive his trials, the strength to tame a realm riddled with paranoia and despair, and wear a mantle of a god?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles is the official expansion of the fourth (numerically) game in The Elder Scrolls (Series).

[edit] Features

  • Live another life: Choose from ten races each with their own mixture of advantages and disadvantages. Become the knight in shining armor or the assassin of the night.
  • Next generation graphics: Experience a new province of Tamriel and become immersed within the realistic and stylish graphics.
  • New and improved systems: Take the next step into role playing with the improved combat, magic and stealth systems. Fight like a weapon master, cast magic like a seasoned mage and even one handed whilst wielding a weapon; or cloak yourself within the shadows, scouting enemies and waiting for that important moment to strike.
  • Welcome voice acting and Radiant AI: Experience voice acting within The Elder Scrolls with the likes of celebrities such as Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean. Also witness NPC's using their own initiative, making decisions from when to sleep to even stealing from the player themselves if they are struggling for food and money.
  • All new compass, fast travel and map markers: Introducing tools that no adventurer can leave behind, the handy compass that will guide the way, fast travel to shorten those long and winded journeys and of course, map markers that will state your destination.
  • Behold a free roaming land: A vast land awaits to be explored and also holds many secrets, treasures and dangers. Are you brave enough cross a land rumored to be three times the size of its predecessor?
  • New lands to explore: Enter the world of the Daedric Prince known as Sheogorath, his realm that can be colourful and bright one minute then turn dark and gloomy the next.
  • Brave new creatures: Where there is madness, there are creatures born from madness. Meet an arrary of impressive strange new creatures, even some that are evolved from their fellow brethren previously met in Morrowind.

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