The Renegade Shadowscale

Scar-Tail At Bogwater Camp

[edit] Walkthrough

After you finish the quest Scheduled for Execution and if Teinaava's disposition toward you is 70 or greater you may begin an optional, personal quest for him.

[edit] The Renegade Shadowscale

Teinaava reveals that he and Ocheeva are Shadowscale twins. An old comrade of theirs by the name of Scar-Tail has gone AWOL and must be put to death. As Scar-Tail's fellow Shadowscales, neither of them can do it, but Teinaava trusts in your ability to get the job done.

Scar-Tail is a fugitive and is trying to hide. Teinaava has determined he's made camp at Bogwater and wants you to bring him Scar-Tail's heart as proof of his death. Bogwater is located Southeast of Leyawiin near the shore of Topal Bay; it's very close to the Black Marsh border. Like most Dark Brotherhood missions there are multiple ways this "contract" can be fulfilled:

  1. Kill Scar-Tail and take his heart.
  2. Speak with Scar-Tail. According to him somebody else from the Argonian Royal Court got to him first and badly wounded him before he managed to defeat the assassin. Scar-Tail offers the assassin's loot stored in a nearby hollowed-out rock in exchange for his life. He suggests taking the heart of the dead assassin; Teinaava won't know the difference. The dead assassin can be found a few yards/meters to the west of the camp slumped against a tree. If you want his equipment as well you may take it. The hollowed-out rock is adjacent to the campfire.
  3. You can take the treasure from the rock and loot the assassins corpse if you wish, then kill Scar-Tail and loot his corpse with or without speaking to him. Again, either Argonian's heart will do.

Whatever you choice return to Teinaava with one of the Argonians' hearts to receive your reward.

[edit] Reward

As thanks for taking care of this personal matter Teinaava will bestow upon you the Boots of Bloody Bounding. It is a pair of leather boots with a Fortify Blade and Fortify Acrobatics enchantment, both leveled. The maximum possible bonus the boots may confer is 18 per enchantment.

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