The Siren's Deception

The Siren's Deception is a quest you get in Anvil after talking to the locals about "latest rumors". Apparently, an all-female gang has been robbing the males of Anvil. Haha. They also mention something about Gogan being "intimately involved". They tell you to speak with Maelona, Gogan's wife. The gang lures men out to a remote area the seduces them to get rid of everything then rob them. Gogan got robbed. They took Maelona's family heirloom and she is willing to pay 100 gold to get it back. Then you're told to go to The Flowing Bowl. Go talk to Gogan again. He tells you about the gang members, a Nord and a Imperial. Get to The Flowing Bowl. Now this is where the quest spirals in 2 different directions, depending on gender. If you're male, they'll seduce you and take you back to the farmhouse. If you're female, they'll ask you to join their gang. Whatever the situation, get to the farmhouse, where they will either:

A) Try and convince to remove everything. You refuse, they attack, you kill them. Simple. Or..

B) They tricked you, try to rob you, you kill them. Again, simple.

Whatever happens, Gogan and Maelona walk in dressed as guards. They tell you that they had been trying to expose the gang for months, but haven't been able to because of their uniforms. Since you killed them, Maelona pays you as promised and you get free pickings. Did I metioned there are 3 gang members and there is no heirloom? Haha.

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