Thieves Guild

The Theives Guild like its name is a home for those skilled in hiding by the shadow. Even though you get a nice infamy in the end it doesn't decrease the Theives Guilds professionalattire. They are a guild and have rules which you must follow, never steal or kill another theif. There is no official "guild" until the end, they hang out in places like the Garden of Dareloth, inns, taverns and houses.


[edit] Joining the Guild

There are several ways to join the Thieves Guild;

  • Read the poster of the Gray Fox and his arrest.
  • Ask a begger once their Disposition is 70+ and reply "I'm interested in working with him."
  • Go to jail, once you get out, you will be approached by Myvryna Arano handing you a mysterious note.

All these lead to the Garden of Dareloth at some point. Its located in the Waterfront District in the Imperial City, go there around from midnight to three to see Armand, starting your descent into the Theives Guild.

[edit] Quests

[edit] Armand Christophe

[edit] S'Krivva

[edit] Gray Fox

[edit] Other

Cast out of the Thieves Guild

[edit] People

[edit] Anvil

[edit] Bravil

[edit] Bruma

[edit] Cheydinhal

[edit] Chorrol

[edit] Imperial City

[edit] Leyawiin

[edit] Skingrad

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