[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] The Prison

After creating your character, you awake in a cold, dark cell. Your current fate is imminent; you are a prisoner. Walk towards the cell door. A resident inmate, Valen Dreth, taunts you and tells you that you will die in your cell. As he ends his taunting, you hear footsteps. As they approach your cell, you soon realize that these guards are no ordinary guards; they are the Blades, whose sworn duty is to protect the emperor in his time of need. Then why are they here? Because the emperor Uriel Septim VII himself is here. The Blades are escorting him to an escape route, for his sons have been attacked, and he is next. He claims that you will 'serve Tamriel in your own way'. He allows you to follow him through a secret passage through your cell. And so you follow...

[edit] The Sanctum

As you emerge from the tunnel, you approach an area with marvelous architecture, but years of wearing have turned it into ruins. As you reach a relatively large area, armored assassins storm the area. They are swiftly defeated, but the Blade in charge, Captain Renault, is killed. Loot the Captain's body and take her blade. It will prove useful for now. The emperor and the two remaining Blades go through a door and lock the door behind you. You will have to find another way through.

[edit] The Caverns

As soon as the guards leave through the door, a crumbling wall gives way, giving you a new route and a few rats to dispatch (I hope you looted the Captain's body). Go through the the new entrance, and you will find that you are in a new area, a typical cave-like area.

Loot the nearby skeleton for lockpicks and bow and arrows, and loot the goblin corpse near the door for an iron key. Open the door with the key, to appear in another cave like area. Dispatch the rats and the zombie as you see fit. Follow the cave while dispatching goblins and rats until you reach another door. Follow the short cave until you find a hole. Jump through to reunite yourself with your lost company.

[edit] The Sanctum Cont.

Just as you jump down to the company's level, you are again attacked by the strange robed-clad assassins. The Blades will dispatch them with ease, this time with no casualties. The bodyguards debate on the subject of killing you, but the emperor disallows it. After a short conversation with the emperor, you will be able to choose your birthsign. Choose wisely. After choosing, Baurus will give you a torch to 'make yourself useful'. Continue through the door.

As you exit the door, you will notice a big open area. Any common sense would say that the assassins will strike here, and they will. Kill them (you can help now, you're armed), and continue through the next door. You are informed that the exit to the sewer is just ahead, but Glenroy, the new Blade in command, finds the gate locked. It's a trap. Baurus suggests to try a nearby side passage, and Glenroy agrees. Just as you enter, you find it is a dead end, and more assassins are coming. As the warriors go, you are told to guard the emperor with your life.

The emperor speaks to you, and says he can go no further. He tells you to find Jauffre and give him his sacred amulet, the Amulet of Kings. You are to find Uriel's illegitimate son, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion. As soon as he says these final words, an assassin enters the room via a hidden passageway and strikes down the emperor. He then comes for you, but Baurus comes to your aid in the nick of time. After the assassin is killed, you tell Baurus the emperor's last words. You get to choose your class. Again, choose wisely. He gives you the key to the sewers. Exit through the secret passage the assassin came through, and follow the passage to the manhole. Go through the sewers (it's very straightforward), until you get to a grate with light beaming through. Here is your last chance to change your race, birthsign, and class. When you are content with your character, leave the sewers to the huge province of Cyrodil.

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