Untaxing the Poor

[edit] Walkthrough

After fencing 50 gold in stolen goods Armand has a special assignment for you. He tells you that Hieronimus Lex - an Imperial Legion soldier that is a "thorn in the paw of the Fox" - has collected tax from the poor in the Waterfront. He wants you to grab the Tax records and Taxes back so he can return the people their money.

[edit] Gone to Far

Your goal is to reach the South Watch Tower in the Imperial City, asking a beggar for direction will put the destination arrow on you're map. Once you enter the watch tower you may see alot of guards or very few, depending on what time of day you enter. This is the guards base where they eat, sleep, talk, and randomly walk around. You need to make it to the top of the tower without being detected, using whatever means you deem worthy. A good Chameleon or Invisibility potion or spell is recommended. There are two time slots which give you an open window to sneak in undetected and they are: 9a.m - 11 a.m and 9p.m - 11p.m. Continue up the tower until you reach the final floor. The door to get into Lex's private room is locked so don't forget you're lockpicks! There is a desk to your right, open it and grab the tax records and money and go back to Armand. Once there he lets you keep the money and says he was just showing them that he "wanted to let the Watch know they went to far."

[edit] Notes

  • You get to keep the stolen goods(tax records and money).

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