User:Aspect of Bane

Hi, I'm Aspect. welcome to my user page. I won't use this page much, but I will use it as an activity scale. Working on elderscrolls.neo can be a bit tedious, and school gets in the way a lot. Therefore, I might go a week without working on the Wiki, but then edit a lot the next week. Don't think I'm abandoning the Wiki, I'm certainly not. I intend to do my part and help elderscrolls.neo flourish, even if it does take some time (which it undoubtedly will).

Here is how my activity will be measured.

  • Active - I'll probably get quite a bit of work done on the Wiki, though these periods often end abruptly.
  • Limited Activity - I might get some work done on the Wiki, I might not (more than likely I'll get some work done). These periods often occur on weekdays, as those are school days.
  • Inactive - I probably won't get any work done on the Wiki. These periods often occur in times of technical failure or vacation. You won't see this label very often at all.

If you have any comments, feel free to PM over Neoseeker or post in the discussion page. I never log onto MSN, so you probably won't get a reply there. Thanks.

Activity level: Limited Activity - School is really beating me up at this time, so don't expect an abundance edits and articles.

Updated: 9-9-08 (USA dating system)