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Raminus Polus


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Initiating The Quest


Before being able to cure oneself of vampirism one obviously must be a vampire. After becoming a vampire the character will be able to discuss a cure for vampirism with NPCs. Asking an NPC skilled in the healing arts will get you directed to Raminus Polus of the Arcane University in the Imperial City. If the character is a member of the Dark Brotherhood he may ask Vicente Valtieri about a cure and will still be directed to Polus. Polus in fact knows very little about vampirism or a method to treat it, the only thing of worth he can tell you is that count Janus Hassildor of Skingrad is a also a vampire and seeks a cure as well. Go to Castle Skingrad. The count does not grant many audiences and remains alone most of the time. Speak with his stewardess, Hal-Liurz; tell her why you have come and she will bring forth the count for an audience. The count will tell you his and his wife's tale and explain his desire for a cure and offer to reward you for your assistance. You are told of an old witch named Melisande who lives somewhere along the Corbolo River. He will mark her home, Drakelowe, on your map for you.

Know that entering her house for any reason at any time is considered trespassing. You are unable to wait in her house. If you linger too long she will become aggressive.

[edit] To The Ends Of The Earth

Before Melisande will aid you she requires you do a personal favor for her. She wants five empty grand soul gems before she'll help help you with the cure. She will accept stolen gems. If you have reached at least level 11 you have a very small chance of finding them in "dungeon" loot chests. Upon reaching level 12 merchants who sell alchemical items may carry them, but it's still not very likely that you will encounter one with grand soul gems for sale. The following is a list of empty grand soul gem locations, but the list is not comprehensive:

  • Calindil at the Imperial City's Mystic Emporium has one for sale. You may also pickpocket him for it.
  • The merchant in every city's Mages Guild chapter, save Skingrad's, has one that may be purchased or stolen by pickpocketing.
  • The Chorrol chapter of the Mages Guild has two. There are two gems in a display case with a Very Hard lock in a room to the left of the entrance, past the main hall. One of these gems is empty, the other has a Greater level soul in it. The second empty gem is in another locked display case to the left of the stairs. If you are a member of the Mages Guild you may pick the locks and take the gems openly; it will not be a criminal act.
  • Melisande has one in her basement. She will be none the wiser if presented with her own soul gem.

The following locations only contain grand soul gems if you have started this quest. If you attempt to hunt down these three gems before receiving Melisande's commission the gems will not exist, nor will the areas that contain them.

Return the five grand soul gems you collect to Melisande and she will tell you the reagents she needs to make the potion and the quantity of each you must collect. She requires two Bloodgrass shoots, five Nightshade leaves, and six cloves of Garlic. She also requires two ingredients that are more difficult to obtain: The blood of an Argonian and the ashes of a powerful vampire.

  • Bloodgrass
    • Bloodgrass grows abundantly in the Plane of Oblivion. If you have not completed the Main Quest you may collect some from there.
    • If you have completed the Main Quest you may still find Bloodgrass plants growing outside of certain Oblivion Gates.
    • Bloodgrass is available from most alchemical merchants.
  • Nightshade
    • The library of the Chorrol Mages Guild chapter contains three samples of Nightshade.
    • Carahil's room of the Anvil Mages Guild chapter contains one sample.
    • There are samples for sale at The Main Ingredient, The Guilded Caraffe, the Bruma Mages Guild chapter, and various merchants that sell alchemical items.
    • There are four samples on a pewter plate in The Main Ingredient that can be stolen.
    • Samples may be found floating near the shore of ponds and streams throughout Cyrodiil as well as floating on small bodies of water around the Imperial City and in the pools by the doors dividing each district of the city.
    • Nightshade plants can be found in Cameron's Paradise.
    • Nightshade grows most abundantly in the West Weald region around to the eastern end of County Kvatch.
    • Plants may be found scattered about County Cheydinhal near the Lake Poppad region and the northern Nibenay Basin.
  • Garlic
    • Garlic may be purchased from many food and alchemy vendors.
    • Look for loose samples on people's tables in their houses if you don't mind stealing some. You may also find samples laying on tables or counters in some alchemical stores.
    • There is a sample on a table in the recess to the right of the front door inside All Things Alchemical.
    • Garlic doesn't grow on plants, rather you need to "harvest" it from Garlic Clusters. Garlic Clusters may be found hanging from some tents in camps but is most common in Skingrad. Look in people's kitchens/dining rooms and check their basements. Some stores also have Garlic Clusters hanging about in plain view. Harvesting garlic from a cluster is not stealing.
  • Blood of an Argonian - Talk to Melisande about this dialogue topic and she will give you an Enchanted Dagger to get the blood with. You only have to cut an Argonian once, killing is not necessary. Attacking an Argonian townsman will get you an assault charge and the appropriate bounty, walking up to a random Argonian and attacking him is not a good idea. Fortunately there are multiple ways to get the job done:
    • Use a Frenzy spell to force your target into striking first. Now you are free to defend yourself without fear of reprisal.
    • If you want to commit a murder you may kill an Argonian townsman. An Argonian beggar would be the safest to kill because beggars sleep outdoors in secluded areas that aren't patrolled by town guards.
    • Savage Argonians live in Veyond Cave and attack you on site; they are no different than regular bandits.
    • Argonians are often archers for groups of brigands. You may encounter one or several on the road or at a bandit camp.
    • There are two Arena matches that pit you against Argonians.
    • If you have completed the quest The Renegade Shadowscale (choosing to spare [[Scar-Tail) or have just begun it you may find Scar-Tail standing around at Bogwater Camp.
    • Should you accept Boethia's Daedric Shrine quest you will be forced to fight an Argonian unless you are an Argonian.
    • You must kill Shaleez during the Final Justice quest for the Dark Brotherhood.
    • You may get Ocheeva's or Teinaava's blood during the Dark Brotherhood quest The Purification.
    • If you have not yet completed Peryite's Daedric Shrine quest there is an Argonian worshiper in "stasis near the statue. He can't be killed and you may strike him without consequence.
    • You may not cut yourself if your character is an Argonian.
  • Ashes of a powerful vampire- Ask Melisande about this dialogue option and she will tell you about an ancient and powerful vampire named Hindaril His ashes are the only ones that will suffice. She has marked his location at Redwater Slough on your map. There are other, weaker vampires living there with him that you may have to fight. If one is cautious it should be possible to make it all the way to Hindaril without incident, slay him, and leave. After killing Hindaril, don't forget to take the Ashes of Hindaril from his body. He does not drop regular Vampire Dust.

Take all of these items back to Melisande and she will start working on the cure. It will take 24 hours to complete. You may not wait within her house because being there is trespassing. Waiting outside is impossible if you are currently beyond the first stage of vampirism (25%) because the sun would kill you. The nearest indoor location is Squandered Mine. Return after 24 hours to receive the potion that will cure your vampirism and receive a quest item cure to give to Count Hassildor. Return to the count at Castle Skingrad. Speak with Hal-Liurz to tell her you have the cure. This is best done after sundown because she will take you outside to a secret entrance to where the count's wife rests, the Chamber of the Lost. Give the potion to the count and he will administer it to his wife, she then dies. Give the count 24 hours to grieve and set Rona's affairs in order as he requests. When you return to the main hall of Castle Skingrad the count may be standing there but will tell you to leave whenever you speak to him. You must tell Hal-Liurz you wish to speak with him to unlock his next set of dialogue options.

[edit] Reward

He will give you leveled gold as a reward.

If you have already cured yourself he will say he would offer the opportunity to become a vampire but since you're now immune there would be no point. If you are still a vampire he will say that he can't offer vampirism to you since you already have it. And because it's not possible to begin this quest without becoming a vampire there is no way to get that part of the reward from him without using the console either to start the quest without being a vampire or curing yourself with the console before discussing the reward. He will cast a spell on you called Vampire Reward Spell if you do this.

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