A map showing the center island of Morrowind, Vvardenfell.

The island of Vvardenfell is located in the very center of the province of Morrowind. Although it's not considered the "mainland", Vvardenfell is densely populated by the high-elf race, the Dunmer and is the port for a large amount of trading by the East Empire Company. Vvardenfell has many authority figures throughout it's land including three major Houses of the Dunmer; House Redoran, House Hlaalu and House Telvanni as well as the followers of the Dagoth and the soldiers of the Imperial Legion. The Houses each have their own set of rules in which each member is expected to follow. For example; one House allows foreigners to join without question, another House only allows Dunmer to join but allows work to be contracted to adventurers of all races, while yet another House allows non-Dunmer to join their ranks but only after the recommendation of a high ranking official.

Although the King of Morrowind resides on the considered mainland, his orders are carried out by way of the Imperial port town of Ebonheart and then relayed to the various Imperial Forts spread out across Vvardenfell.


[edit] Geography

Nearly all of Vvardenfell is covered in ash thanks to the recent eruption of the island's largest landmark, Red Mountain. Although there are some areas of land that aren't plagued by the ash, they are very few in number.

There are various symbols of the past also on the island in the form of ancient Velothi Towers, Dwemer Ruins, post-Velothi Dunmer Strongholds and various shrines to the gods.

[edit] Notable Areas of Vvardenfell

[edit] Cities and Towns

  • Vivec - The largest town in all of Vvardenfell, (geographically and population-wise) it's divided into nine floating cantons including the palace of the great god Vivec himself. Each house has a canton to itself in which valuables are kept; such as, important documents (land deeds, wills, building permits, etc), public vaults, armories and the vaults of the House leaders.
  • Balmora - The second largest town (geographically speaking) in Vvardenfell and the headquarters of House Hlaalu.
  • Ald'ruhn - The second largest town (population-wise) in Vvardenfell and is made up of a cluster of Redoran style houses.
  • Caldera - Is one of the newest towns in Vvardenfell as it was built in order to service the workers of the nearby Ebony mines, providing them with food, shelter, entertainment and religion.

[edit] Landmarks

  • Ghostgate - Is the large, supernatural gate that borders Red Mountain in order to keep the unspoken horrors within the makeshift prison so they aren't a risk to Vvardenfell's inhabitants.
  • Various islands - Surrounding Vvardenfell is a series of island chains. There are a number of Deadric shrines, ruins and hidden wonders among these islands.

[edit] Imperial Forts

  • Fort Darius - A fort located within the mining town of Gnisis.
  • Ebonheart - The port city with such a large amount of Imperial forces it's some times considered an Imperial Fort in it's own right.

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