Weynon Priory (quest)

[edit] Attack on the Priory

As you arrive at Weynon Priory, you will immediately notice that it is under attack by the same robe clad assassins you met back on the Tutorial level. Eronor, the Priory's stable caretaker, will rush towards you as you approach to tell you what happened. It seems that the agents began their assault while you were rescuing Martin, for reasons unknown. They've already claimed the life of Prior Maborel, and Jauffre is handling the agents in the Priory chapel. Take out the agents outside first, then head over to the chapel to give Jauffre some backup. After ending the agent's lives, proceed to follow Jauffre to check on the Amulet of Kings.

[edit] Worst Suspicions Confirmed

As you enter the secret room of the Priory, it seems that Jauffre's worst suspicions have been confirmed. The agents have the Amulet. Without the Amulet, the emperor cannot light the Dragonfires, and if the emperor can't light the Dragonfires, he cannot be throned. The empire will descend into darkness!

Jauffre decides that it would be best if they get Martin to safety. The last thing he wants to do is lose the emperor as well. Jauffre believes that the best place to hold the emperor is Cloud Ruler Temple, the Blade's Cyrodillic fortress located high in the mountains near Bruma. You may take Prior Maborel's horse; he won't be needing it any longer. An even easier and faster way is to simply fast travel to the temple. Either way, get there.

[edit] Welcome Home

As you approach the fortified gates of Cloud Ruler Temple, Cyrus, a Blade, greets you and your company. You are beckoned in. Martin will give a short speech that is approved by applause. The Blades return to their duties, and Jauffre beckons you. He cannot stress the importance of recovering the Amulet of Kings. He offers membership into the Blades (which you should accept), and sends you to find Baurus, initiating the Path of Dawn quest.

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