Where Spirits Have Lease


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*Quest Giver: Velwyn Benirus

Go to the Counts Arms in Anvil, then speak with Velwyn Benirus. As soon as you engage in conversation he will ask if you would like to buy Benirus Manor. After his dialogue is finished talk to him about Manor, then give him 5000 septims for it. He will then give you the key and deed to the Manor. Once you get the key, go to Benirus Manor and sleep in it. After you sleep you should be awaken by Ghosts, deal with them then go downstairs and in the front hall you will see a Pewter Pot on the floor with a skeletal hand and a scrap of Lorgrens Diary, read the diary, then go to the Counts Arms, speak with Willbur, and he will direct you to the Elven Gardens District in the Imperial City follow your compass arrow and go into the King and Queen Tavern, speak with Velwyn and then he will go to Anvil waiting for you in the Counts Arms. Return to anvil and speak with him again, he will take you to the Manor, then when you get inside be prepared for a fight, defeat the ghosts and go to the basement, then defeat the ghots in there and go to a portal. Velwyn will open the portal and run off. Leaving you to venture into the secret room. When you appraoch the altar Lorgren will say he wants you to reconnect his hand to his body, when you do he will turn into a Lich and attack you with his flame staff, he will also summon things to attack you. When you defeat him the curse will be lifted, however to fully complete the quest you must return to the Counts Arms and speak with Velwyn once more. He'll apologise and thank you for lifting the curse. When you return to Benirus Manor again, its all be cleaned up and refurnished into a stately manor once again, ready for you to live in.

[edit] Notes

  • At a mere 5000 Septims , Benirus Manor despite its large size comes fully furnished once you complete the quest and in effect is the best value for money house in the game.

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