Witchhunter is a playable class in Oblivion and Morrowind.



[edit] In Oblivion

Witchhunters are men and women of varying races who have dedicated their lives to hunting down evil and perverted monsters, sorcerers, vampires, necromancers, or anything else that could bring harm to the world. The tools they use to combat this evil varies from witchhunter to witchhunter, but they all use a combination of magic and stealth to obtain their goals and they are experts with the bow. Some witchhunters even go as far as to study the magic school of conjuration using the monsters they learn to summon to help them combat evil ,fighting fire with fire so to speak. No matter what tools they use, they are dedicated to their war against the profane and evil and it is fought with honor, courage, and the strength of mind that will allow them to prevail.

Specialization: Magic
Attributes: Agility, Intelligence
Skills: Alchemy, Athletics, Conjuration, Destruction, Marksman, Mysticism, Security

[edit] Possible Birthsigns

These are some possible birthsign choices that would work well with the Witchhunter Class.

  • For magicka boosts choose The Mage or The Atronach Birthsign. It is ill advised to use The Apprentice birthsign as it gives you a strong weakness to magicka and most of the monsters a witchhunter fights lean heavily on the use of magic.
  • For more stealth based witchhunters use The Thief or The Shadow
  • Other Birthsigns that might be of use to the Witchhunter class are The Ritual, The Lord, and The Serpent Birthsigns.

For information on these birthsigns and others see the Birthsign page.

[edit] In Morrowind

Morrowind Witchhunter Class.jpg

Morrowind is full of monsters, vampires, necromancers, and a host of other evil beings that wish to bring harm to the innocent. This is the type of place where witchhunters thrive and they combat the evil there to the best of their abilities using whatever means necessary. If there is one place where witchhunters are needed the most it is Morrowind.

Morrowind In game description: Witchhunters are dedicated to rooting out and destroying the perverted practices of dark cults and profane sorcery. They train for martial, magical, and stealthy war against vampires, witches, warlocks, and necromancers.

Specialization: Magic
Favored Attributes: Intelligence, Agility
Major Skills: Conjuration, Enchant, Alchemy, Light Armor, Marksman
Minor Skills: Unarmored, Block, Blunt Weapon, Sneak, Mysticism

[edit] Possible Birthsigns

  • The Ritual allows for good health restoration and allows for you turn undead, which will help since the undead are some of the Witchhunter's main adversaries.
  • The Lover allows for a good agility boost and a paralyzing power.
  • The Mage and The Atronach allow for good magicka boosts.
  • The Shadow and The Tower are also good for stealth based characters and for other reasons.
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