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LocationFive Claws Lodge, Leyawiin
Related QuestsDrunk and Disorderly

Witseidutsei is a female Argonian who owns The Five Claws lodge in Leyawiin. She sells general goods and rents beds for 10 gold a night. She is very proud of how clean her inn is, and hates dirt.

[edit] Unique Dialogue

"So much dirt, and so little time... pause but a moment, and you'll be drowned in the tide... Trash! Mud! Dust! We all love Count Marius, and his father before him... Arkay bless his soul... such a fine young man... And now, his new wife, so beautiful, so fine. And wise? Oh, yes! The new Lady Leyawiin is daughter to Countess Arriana Valga, County Chorrol... and so she knows just how the county should be run. Lady Alessia tells Count Marius exactly what to do... and he does as she says... But listen to me! Clawing and chattering like an old fishcrow."

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