You can often make your getaway with jumps over, onto, or down from places-jumps that your enemies cannot make. You can then safely shoot arrows and spells or heal yourself while your enemies try to get to your hard-to-reach spot. Acrobatics is the skill for this. You gain skill every time you jump or fall. Until higher skill levels, your encumbrance affects how far you jump.


[edit] In Oblivion

[edit] Skill Perks

  • A novice can not do anything while jumping or falling.
  • An apprentice can perform a normal attack while jumping or falling.
  • A journeyman can do a quick roll by holding block and jumping in any direction, and can power attack while jumping or falling.
  • An expert loses 50% less fatigue when jumping.
  • A master can jump on the surface of water with the right timing.

[edit] Training

You gain 0.3 experience for every jump you make. You don't gain any exp if your jump is completely stationary. You also gain some experience from hurting yourself when falling from a high distance.

  • Jump everywhere you go. It's not bad for training.
  • Try and make your quick smaller jumps. There are places where your head almost touches the ceiling, such as in the Chorrol Mages Guild. In the south east room on the ground floor, stand on top of the bookcase and jump! This is the quickest method of training.
  • Whenever you come across a hill, a long set of stairs or a steep sloop, jump up it.

[edit] Trainers

Torbern awaits you at Aerin's Camp, when you're ready for Acrobatics training.

The low-level trainers for Acrobatics are Quill-Weave, who lives on the main drag in Anvil, and Ida Vlinorman, who lives in the northeastern quadrant of the Imperial City's Elven Gardens District. (Quill-Weave has a part in the Fighters Guild quest "A Rat Problem" Vlinorman doesn't have any quest tie-ins, but there's a story abroad about her being involved in an illicit sport called "chapel climbing" which she'll confirm if you question her about "Imperial City."

The medium trainers are the dog-hater Tsrava, who lives at J'Bari's house in the south-central part of Leyawiin, and the dog trainer Ganredhel, who has aplace of her own in the southeast corner of Cheydinhal.

Each points you to a master trainer named Aerin who's supposed to have taken up residence at a camp in northeastern Cyrodiil. It's in the northern foothills of the Valus range-north of Cheydinhal, east of Azura's shrine, and northeast of Lord Rugdumphs Estate.

Surprise. Aerin isn't here. In fact, there's no one named Aerin in the game. But an amiable fellow named Torbern is here, and it just so happens that he's an unparalleled Acrobatics trainer. Speak to him about "Training" and you're done. However, you may never get master-level training that easily again.

[edit] In Morrowind

[edit] Trainers

The Master Trainer of Acrobatics is Senyndie at the Arena Fighters Quarters in Vivec. Other trainers of note are:

[edit] Books

The following books will increase your Acrobatics skill:

[edit] Factions

The following factions include Acrobatics as one of their favored skills:

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