Adamus Phillida

Adamus Phillida
Adamus Phillida.jpg Adamus Phillida taking a "swim" in Leyawiin.
LocationImperial City or Leyawiin

Adamus Phillida is a male Imperial and is a former commander in the Imperial City. In the Dark Brotherhood quest Permanent Retirement, he appears to have retired to Leyawiin to live out his days with an easier, less political life. Even though he is a popular figure head of the Empire, his past grievances with Sithis demand his soul be taken.

To ensure that his successor in the Imperial City stays on the Assassin Guild's good side, the messenger of Sithis must remove Adamus Phillida's finger and place it in the commander's desk in the Imperial Guard's Headquarters as a warning that he not follow the same path.

[edit] Notes

  • If the player does the Thieves Guild questline after completion of the quest Permanent Retirement, Adamus' finger is still in the desk when sealing the transfer orders.

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