Akatosh, The Dragon God of Time, is the chief entity of the Nine Divines. He is one of only two gods that are worshiped in nearly every Tamrielic religion, save the Dunmer religion of the self-proclaimed gods of the Tribunal. His avatar is that of the dragon. In most religions, Akatosh is considered to be the first of the Gods to form and is the Ultimate God of the Cyrodiilic Empire.

As expected, there are dozens and dozens of cults and orders dedicated to Akatosh. One of the more prestigious and somewhat infamous cults is The Akatosh Chantry which is completely dedicated in the pleasing of Akatosh and would do anything whatsoever for their god. The Chapel of Akatosh in Cyrodiil is located in Kvatch

Akatosh is pretty much nonexistent in Chimer lore do to his fondness of and his association with the Altmer.

The most recent appearance of Akatosh happened during the Oblivion Crisis when Martin Septim called upon the avatar of Akatosh in order to defeat the Daedric Prince, Mehrunes Dagon. After the battle, the avatar turned to stone and is now located, in heroic fashion, inside the ruined Temple of the One.

[Skyrim's Shrine of Akatosh in 3D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpVNuyCZxHg]

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