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Spoiler: Former Process (Prior to November 2009)

As of 11/11/09 a new process has been decided upon to clear up any confusion about the Featured Article system.

This new process is simple, anyone at any level or rank on Neoseeker can suggest an article that should be featured, even if they're the author. However, only Wiki Staff members (including Retired Staff), Contributors (with tag) and the few who have been given permission may change the article at anytime.

Also, it's been decided that the Featured Article be changed no less then once every two weeks so that each article can be viewed by a large group of visitors but is also short enough that there's something fresh on a regular basis.

Lastly, although it was a great idea by ShadowJ to keep an updated list of the past articles, such a list hasn't been update really at all thus far and so I doubt one is really needed.

Anyone who has any questions or comments or even complaints please direct them towards myself (Kinganubis2) or to any currently active Wiki Staff member.

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