Azura is the Daedric Prince of Dusk, Dawn and the magic that exists between the various realms of twilight. Her plane of Oblivion is known as Moonshadow and can be best described as having rolling hills, filled with rocks, hidden waterfalls and endless rows of flowers. It’s also said that her realm is home to a city made entirely of pure silver that houses Azure’s servants. The goddess herself lives in a rose palace that provides the entire plane with a scent so beautiful it’s believed that her servants show unquestioning loyalty to her due to some sort of trance.

[edit] History

Throughout all nine provinces it’s commonly believed that Azura taught the Chimer how to be different than their racial brothers the Altmer. She is also attributed with telling Nerevar that Dagoth-Ur’s knowledge of the Heart of Lorkhan was accurate. However when Nerevar questioned the king of the Dwemer about the Heart and about Dagoth-Ur, he denied having any knowledge about either subject. However, since the “tip” came from his goddess, Nerevar suspected he was being played and acted as such. This led to a war between the armies of Azura and of the Dwemer in which Nerevar emerged a war hero and gained immense respect across Tamriel and more specifically Vvardenfell. The Dwemer, who could not recover from such a disastrous loss, simply disappeared.

After years of living as a hero and as the messenger of Azura herself, Nerevar was unjustly murdered by the Tribunal of Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil who then set themselves as gods superior to that of the Daedra. Azura, not impressed by their proclamation cursed the Tribunal’s beloved race, the Chimer, causing them to have red eyes and blackish skin thus, evolving them into the modern race of the Dunmer or Dark Elves.

Vowing that Nerevar would be reborn to fix the atrocities that had taken place, Azura retreated into her plane to plot her revenge. Many centuries took place before the champion of Azura returned to Morrowind. He was reborn in that of the Nerevarine who arrived in Vvardenfell after being released from prison on pardon from the Emperor. Azura assisted the Nerevarine in extracting revenge on the Tribunal by giving the necessary tools needed to destroy the freshly re-awakened Dagoth-Ur and bring down the corrupt Tribunal Temple. It’s believed that the reborn war hero succeeded but due to varying accounts by Vvardenfell citizens and powerful factions in the area, the truth on this matter remains a mystery.

In Elsweyr, lore suggests that Azura created the Khajiit beast race from a group of Bosmer settling in the province at the time. Azura is worshipped as a separate entity all together in Elsweyr, commonly known as Azurah.

[edit] Notes

  • Azura’s summon date is on 21 First Seed and is known as a “Hogithum”.
  • Azura's Star is one of the most powerful soul gems ever created.
  • It’s believed Azura is one of the only Daedric Princes that can be considered “good” by moral standards. It’s also said that she shows concern for her mortal subjects and priests unlike the other Princes who could care less about their slaves.

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