Bend Will

Bend Will is a shout learned in the DragonBorn DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It has a very long recharge time and is commonly referred to as the best shout in the game, next to a few others. The effects of this shout allow the player to calm enemies, ally with others, and even ride dragons. To access this shout, you must travel to Solstheim, the island located above Skyrim, and start the quest "Cleansing The Stones" after speaking with Hermaeus Mora. If this shout hits a dragon, hostile or not, it will make the dragon land near the player and either fight for the player, or if the player wants, they can walk up to the dragon and ride it. The effects of this shout wear off quickly to normal foes, but as long as the player remains on the dragon's back, the shout will be active. The only dragons not effected from this shout are Paarthunax, Alduin, Durnehviir, Vultheryol, Skeletal Dragons, or any of the dragons at Skuldafn. All other dragons are susceptible to the shout, as well as most other enemies (Boss monsters{Ex. Karstagg} and enemies not included).

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