Bloodmoon Legendary & Unique Weapons

-The Mace of Avir Stone-Singer

Type of Weapon-Blunt



How To Get It-Recived from the Skaal Leader for completing the "Rite of Gift" quest

-Spear of the Hunter

Type of Weapon-Spear



Paralyze for 10 seconds/on strike Burden 50 points/on strike Poison 4-5 points/on strike

How To Get It-When you are summoned by Hircene to take part in Hircine's Hunt, When you make it to the center of the maze, Hircine asks you what aspect of himself you want to fight. This is the final quest for the Bloodmoon quest line. You fight Hircine because after you fought your way through the maze within the glacier you and kill all three of the other challengers summoned by Hircine you are confronted by Hircine. He will ask you what aspect of himself you would fight because he belives you would not stand a chance against his full power. You choices are Strength, Speed, or Guile. Pick Guile. Once you defeat Hircene you can search his body for the Spear of the Hunter

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